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Well, I just heard that for the week ending February 17th, Space Station Liberty was Talkshoe's

9th most-downloaded show
7th most-called-into show
5th most-streamed-live show

And for the week in progress, it was 5th most-downloaded show as of a couple hours ago. Woot!

Can't wait to see what tonight's Barbara Goodson interview show does for those numbers.
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Woohoo! Friday, January 12th, at 10 p.m. Eastern, I will be interviewing Chase Masterson—Deep Space Nine Dabo girl Leeta, and Janice Em's voice from the upcoming Shadow Chronicles—live on Space Station Liberty. I'm really excited about that.

I've put together a press release about the whole thing, which you can find below the LJ cut. I've gone around sending it to all the major SF and Star Trek news sites I could find. Wonder if there's anywhere else I could send it…hm, maybe I should check for major Trek-related blogs.

For Immediate Release: Actress Chase Masterson will be interviewed live on talk show Space Station Liberty )
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So, I did my TalkShoe interview with Kevin McKeever tonight on Space Station Liberty. It went pretty well, though it ended up being probably the most controversial of the three Harmony Gold rep interviews I've done so far. Highlights included an exclusive first announcement of the limited theatrical release plan for Shadow Chronicles, a guest caller at about the 1 hour 40 minute mark who I can only assume to have been pranking due to the hilarious chaos into which his call degenerated, and a bit of frank discussion of some controversial issues concerning Harmony Gold's relationship with Robotech's fandom. I'm quite pleased with it, and can't wait to see who Harmony Gold turns up for my show next.

In other news, today is the release day for an animé I've been interested in seeing for a while: Catblue: Dynamite. Unlike most new-release animé, this one is actually being released complete in streamable format on-line, for free. However, the streaming portion of the website is restricted to access from within Japan only. I tried using Japanese proxy servers to get around this, but it didn't work. Wonder what I'm doing wrong.

Oh well, sooner or later someone will snag it and put it up on BitTorrent and it'll be a moot point.
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Well, today I did the Storyteller's Bowl TalkShoe interview show with Diane Duane, Sharon Lee, and Steve Miller. It ended up going just over an hour, and it went very well for the most part. I stuttered and stammered a few times toward the end after I basically ran out of things to say, but there was a lot of good stuff there for fans of the Wizardry and Liaden series. I hope that I can have all three of them back for longer reviews on more general topics in the future.

Checking my stats, so far I see it had 4 participants and 11 streaming listeners, and has had 18 downloads as of the latest time tallied by TalkShoe's meters. (Well, actually, there have been 18 downloads of all episodes of my show since then. I'm going to assume they're all or mostly the latest show, however.)

I also did a two hour, fifteen minute Robotech show, where a bunch of Robotech fans got together and talked about the show. I cut it off at 2h 15m because I didn't want to intimidate people who don't want to download five-hour monsters, especially when there aren't any guests to attract the more casual fans. I'll be honest, it's basically a whole lot of arguing over minutia again: stuff people have heard about Shadow Chronicles and whether General Leonard really was "evil." There's only so much of that I can take at a time, and I'm one of the biggest Robotech fans I know.

Anyway, both shows can be found via my TalkShoe page.


Dec. 12th, 2006 02:31 pm
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I just got off VOIP with Diane Duane, all the way over in Ireland.

Assuming her Internet connection permits (it's satellite and can be interrupted by heavy weather), she's going to join me for the talk radio show I'm planning on hosting on Saturday afternoon, for discussion of the "Storyteller's Bowl" model of serial publication based on the article I wrote on the subject.

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Well, I just discovered that the iTunes Music Store has a Talking Heads album, Bonus Rarities & Outtakes, that I can't seem to find anywhere else. Even Amazon doesn't have it, which is something remarkable.

Anyway, I couldn't give a darn about most of the songs on that album—they'd be nice to have, but I'm not going to shrivel up and die without them. But the album also has one song I've been seeking for a long time. And I couldn't was just 99 cents. So now I'm sitting here grooving to it on infinite repeat.

The song in question is the one from the climax of the Talking Heads movie True Stories, "People Like Us," sung by John Goodman. It's not been available on any other albums, as the record label never got around to releasing a true "soundtrack" to the movie, just an album with all the songs performed by the Talking Heads themselves. It's a wonderful upbeat country song, all fiddles and twangy steel guitars, and John Goodman really puts his heart into the song. It's no wonder he ended up joining the Blues Brothers band and starring in Blues Brothers 2000.

True Stories is a marvelously offbeat little movie. Kind of like something you'd expect David Lynch to make; great music, too. You can generally find it on DVD for under $10 these days. Unfortunately it was put out in 1.33:1 pan and scan back in the early days of DVD, and has never been reissued in a proper aspect ratio.

Other news: I've made a Wikipedia entry about There wasn't any sort of entry there before, and I spent the day coming up with something good and comprehensive. I figure it'll get cut down by Wiki regulars soon enough, but better to write too much than too little. It's also a sort of job application for a tech writing gig for my bro Aaron's employer. Aaron got my my last job, with the ISP where I worked for two years; maybe he'll get me this one too. Hope so. I need to do some other writing stuff for it, but that can happen after I get up today.

Also, tonight I'm doing an interview with Harmony Gold representative Tommy Yune on my TalkShoe talk show, Space Station Liberty. I've got my questions all ready and I'm really looking forward to it—partly for the sake of the interview, and partly for seeing how many people show up for a program that's actually gotten some advance publicity. Any and all Robotech fans are welcome to call in!

Oh bed.

Well, after this run-through of the song finishes, anyway.

"...there's something special 'bout people like us! People like us, the kind who answer the telephone..."
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They put my face on the front of I have hit the big time. Now if only I didn't look quite so dorky...

Thursday, December 7th, 9 p.m. Eastern will mark my second interview with Harmony Gold staffer, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles co-writer/co-director Tommy Yune. (My first was when I want up to St. Louis for the film festival. At least this time I should have slightly better audio quality than a microcassette recorder.) It's an exciting opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the big names of Robotech (and to mix other metaphors like that).

f anyone has any specific questions they'd like to make sure I ask, post 'em in the comments and I'll collect 'em up and ask the good ones. If you want to make sure your question gets asked, make sure you phone in because I'll take questions round-robin style after I've run through all my own questions.

Wow. I'm on the front page of That's awesome.
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In a half hour, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on December 1, I will be interviewing controversial Robotech fan Peter Walker on my TalkShoe Robotech show, Space Station Liberty. Feel free to listen, chat, or call in, using the Talkshoe client! Just register and it's a free download. After the show is over, it will be available as a free download in mp3 format. See the link below for information on ways to call in.

Also, Thursday December 7th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, I will be interviewing Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles co-writer/co-director Tommy Yune. Feel free to tune in!
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Found out about the most interesting new site today.

I had just posted about my upcoming ebook Talkshoe show (Saturday Dec. 2, 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time) on the TeleRead blog, when someone posted a comment in reply about a new type of forum he was starting up called Chinswing. Although it's still in beta, I think it looks rather promising. If Talkshoe is like a voice-based chatroom, Chinswing is a voice-based web bulletin board. Instead of typing forum messages, people record voicemail posts in response to each other. Another rather clever idea, I think, if perhaps not quite so clever as Talkshoe.

I posted a couple of messages there, experimentally. The interface seemed to be simple enough, and the recordings uploaded quickly (but then, I'm on broadband, not dialup). It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.
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I'm going to start a Talkshoe Internet talk radio show about books; each episode will cover a different title, series, or book-related topic. The show will be called "The Biblio File," and episode 1, scheduled for Monday, November 27th at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, will focus on the first Dragonriders trilogy by Anne McCaffrey. I'll even have a three-in-one hardcover edition of said trilogy to give away to some lucky listener (with Bookcrossing label attached, naturally).

Future anticipated topics include other series of books, ebooks and why they aren't widely accepted, BookCrossing, how new forms of publishing might affect libraries' traditional roles, and perhaps topics suggested by my listeners.

To participate in the show, all you need to do is register online at, and download their free Java-based chat client. Then you will use either Skype or an ordinary telephone to dial in and participate in the discussion. If you just want to listen, you can do that directly from the show's homepage without any registration or download needed.

For more information about the show, see the show's homepage at:

I hope I'll see and hear you there!


Nov. 17th, 2006 03:37 am
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Just got done being a part of PVP webcomic artist Scott Kurtz's first Talkshoe show. During the show proper, I only had a couple of times where I got to say anything—right near the beginning, where I talk about comics I read and a certain prominent webcomics criticism blogger, and later on during the "hitch it or ditch it" game where I speak out in favor of the use of helium to provide silly voices. The show went two hours and forty-five minutes before Scott decided to stop recording as the conversation was getting a little boring, but continue conversing for the benefit of those who wanted to stay. As it happened, stopping the recording was a cue for the whole thing to suddenly get more interesting again—and unfortunately Talkshoe doesn't permit resuming recording a show after the recording is stopped.

It's just as well, really. Open mouth, insert foot. )

Anyway, despite that one little bobble, I had a blast, and look forward to being around next time Kurtz throws one of his Talkshoe bashes. And maybe then I'll actually have more to say. :P

As for right now...I'm going to bed.
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I'm planning to try out this Talkshoe thing and do a live call-in talk show relating to Robotech tonight at 8 eastern/7 central. I've posted the information about it in various Robotechy places on-line, and hope I'll get enough listeners/participants to make an interesting hour of it. Here's the show information; hope I'll hear you there!

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