Sep. 18th, 2017

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I had hoped I wouldn't have to take this step, but it's become necessary. I'm changing my main email address after 20+ years.

Back when I was at college, I got an email address on an Internet friend's Linux box, as an email address I could keep when I left school and wouldn't have to keep changing. And it's the email address I've been using for 20 years, I used to read and send email religiously via Linux shell readers like mutt.

But then Gmail came along, I snagged a beta invitation, fell in love with the interface, and had my eyrie mail run through a spam filter to pare down the spam and forwarded on to Gmail to read that way.

But the problem arose due to spam. Because the spam filter didn't catch all the spam, Google started tagging spam email that came through eyrie as being spammy, because it came through eyrie. It's finally gotten to the point where I'm seeing many legitimate emails get filtered into spam, including emails from my parents!

It's also gotten to the point where it's affecting the personal email of the fellow who owns eyrie. Consequently, he's going to cease permitting emails to be forwarded on to Gmail from Eyrie. That means I'll have to either read my email solely via mutt in the shell, or just start using my Gmail address as my "main" email. Given that I already use my Gmail address for a number of things such as signing into my Android tablets and Google services, it seems like I might as well just go ahead and make that my primary identity.

So, if you have me in your contacts, please change my email address to and send to me directly there. I'll still check my email at Eyrie, though not as often, and may miss things there.

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