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Well, work training proceeds apace.

My job is going to be a Utilization Management representative. That means I handle precertifications (the mandatory cases where a particular course of treatment has to be approved by the insurance company prior to it being covered) and predeterminations (the optional-but-recommended cases where the treatment can be submitted for approval ahead of time, or can be submitted at the time the claim is turned in instead).

What that means. )

Meanwhile, after work today I stopped and checked into the little mini-clinic built right into the building where I work. Needless to say, they'll accept my job-given insurance, which will be active as of July 1. I checked with my regular doctor and found that she can't see me until July 14th—but there's a regular doctor at the clinic at work, and they're open to seeing me sooner, and might even end up becoming my primary care physician. And they're certainly a lot closer than my regular doctor, so there's the convenience thing too. I've already put in a request to the office of my old regular doctor to fax my medical records over.

A couple of nice things about said clinic: first off, if I get prescribed medicines by the doctor there, and pick them up at that clinic, they're effectively free. And second, they have one of those home sleep study gizmos they can send home with me—a machine I hook up and sleep with for three nights, that will transmit information about my sleeping habits back to home base for analysis so I might well end up able to get a CPAP. I already have plenty of friends and brothers who use such things. If they make such a difference for them, maybe they can help me too.

In any event, I'm doing the best I can to make the best of things and get good at my new job. I hope I don't screw it up too badly in days to come. Whatever happens, I'm probably going to be doing it for about 11 more months before I can apply for other internal Anthem postings. Hopefully it will get less stressful once I understand it better.
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More life changes, but of the good kind this time. I got a job! )

So that's my good news, and boy am I ever relieved. I hope nothing goes wrong during the background check process. I can't think why it would, but you never know. I also hope my replacement Social Security card arrives by the 22nd, since they might want to see it.
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So, I imagine everybody is wondering how my first day at work went. And I'll tell you. But first, I'm going to drop back in time to Wednesday, when I went in to check out and immediately fell in love with my potential new apartment.

Apartment, hoooo! )

Fingers crossed everything goes all right with that apartment. It's everything I could possibly want!

Then I had my first day of work. )

Anyway, it's just about time for me to head out. I've decided I want to start my work days at 8:30, at least for now, since that cuts down the distance I have to bike for the bus each way. Maybe once I get moved into my apartment, or decide to work from home or somewhere closer like the library, that will change.

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Last night I made a family recipe for a dessert that is delicious out of all proportion to how easy it is to make. It's called a "dump cake" because all you do is "dump" a bunch of ingredients into a cake pan and bake it. My Dad got it from a family friend named Glad Peters, and used to make it for square dance and church potlucks, and a while back I asked him to send me the recipe.

Work was holding a Valentine's Day dessert contest, with three $25 gift cards as prizes in the categories of most delicious, most appealing, and most healthful. So I figured what the heck, it's worth a shot.

As it turned out, there were only five entrants, and I won "most delicious." Most appealing went to someone's Oreo truffles (a decision with which I heartily agreed, they were neat-looking and good-tasting), and "most healthful" went to someone's custard pie (I'm not sure how a custard pie can be considered "more healthful" than a dessert containing cherry and pineapple, but I expect they didn't want to give more than one prize to any one dish).

Here's the recipe. )

If anyone makes this for gatherings of your own, or even just family dessert, I'd love to know how well it goes over.

Happy Day-Before-Cheap-Candy-Day, everyone!
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Came in to the lobby of the Hammons Tower for work this morning to the loud WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! and flashing strobe light of the fire alarm, along with a prerecorded message telling me to leave the building by the nearest available exit. So I lingered in the lobby near the door, where I could make a break for it if the ceiling suddenly collapsed in a shower of blazing embers, along with about two dozen other people—it was heating up outside even then, and nobody was really eager to go out into the head and humidity for what was probably a false alarm. The fire alarm shut off a couple of times, but came right back on again 30 seconds later. A few eyebrows were raised when a fire truck pulled up in the circle drive and two firemen trouped in, one of them wearing an oxygen rig and carrying an axe. They wandered in and out of various halls, presumably looking for a faulty alarm box or something; a couple of minutes later an all-clear was given and I proceeded upstairs to the office.

My parents are in town today; I'm going to be having lunch with my Dad. I plan to take him to Harpo's, as they have steak dinners on special on Wednesdays. I used to go there all the time, but I got kind of sick of eating steak all the time. (Talk about jaded.) I'm also going to be handing back to him Napoleon Dynamite, which he lent me and I watched half of. I know my Mom and Dad love that movie, but I just couldn't get into it. It reminded me too much of my own school days, when I was almost as unknowingly socially inept as Napoleon. Very high cringe factor.

I took the movie with me to the BioKinetic study clinic, just in case anyone else there wanted to watch it, and the comment one fellow participant made about it while looking over my selection stuck in my head. Something to the effect of, "It's stupid, but if you like it you think it's stupidly funny." I find I have to agree with what Roger Ebert has to say about it:
Excerpt from Ebert )
I don't know, I suppose it just drives home to me how different I am in some ways from my parents. They think it's funny because they never lived through it. I mean, honestly, how were they supposed to know what school was like for me? They weren't there with me. And if I say that this movie hits nerves because it's too close to my school experience, I don't think they really believe me. They're probably thinking I'm exaggerating, that nobody's school life could really be like that.

I kind of get the sense that the writer/director of Napoleon Dynamite might have made it as a form of catharsis, that he had much the same kind of school career as I did and this was his way of dealing with it. My own way of dealing with it is to try not thinking about it anymore. This movie makes it pretty hard.
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Well, it was a decent enough day. Woke up a bit early, couldn't get back to sleep, so I listened to my friend [ profile] demiurgent's newest project, a podcast. Kind of neat. Not your usual review or day-in-the-life 'cast, this was more a sort of artistic thing, combining writing, delivery, and music. It was about fatigue and its effects, which fit as I was feeling fatigued myself. It was something to think about on the bike in to work, when I had the thoughts to spare. Stopped off for a croissant and shortbread cookie (to go) from Panera, then headed into the office.

Nothing much doing; ticket queue was fairly slow, and boss was out all day on one of his local networking projects. I did a bit of noodling around on the Internet, wrote a LJ entry and a post or two for my essay journal…and accidentally wiped out my entire www directory while trying to test something for a client. Fortunately, our ISP does weekly backups, and I hadn't actually updated any of my stuff in a coon's age except for the journal, and it's a journal so all my stuff was automatically backed up. In the end I lost about four days of site statistics, and some Motivator images I'd just uploaded from my home computer to have a place from which to link them. (I'll probably post those at some point when I get around to it, either here or in [ profile] robotech since that's what they're about.)

I picked up my paycheck from work, then I caught a bus out west to the BioKinetics clinic, where I picked up my paycheck from them too. Taken both together, I essentially got about 2 1/3 paychecks today. A nice little influx of funds; now I can pay off my $513 credit card bill (I know, I'm a big spender) and my monthly utility bills and maybe have enough left over that I won't feel too guilty about renting a car sometime soon and going to visit a friend. Biked on home after that, and by the time I got here I was soaked with sweat. Fortunately some air conditioning and electric fan action took care of that.

At the moment I'm sitting in City of Heroes not real sure what, if anything, I feel like doing. Maybe some friends will show up. Maybe I'll watch a movie. Maybe I'll take a nap. Maybe I'll post in my Livejournal. Hey, that's an idea!

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