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As an aside…it's funny how things change.

In VisionCons of days gone by, the animé room would have been the main draw for me. My first couple VisionCons, I lived in that room, barely coming out at all. One con, I actually stepped in to run the room given the total lack of anybody else to do it. Back in the day, it was about the only way to get to see new animé without sending out for fansub VHS tapes. But now…I barely peeked in. Not to say I would have minded seeing some of the things they were showing…but animé has become easy enough to get in other ways (between DVD rentals and BitTorrent for fansubs) that there's no point in going out of my way. Plus, the lack of speakers in that room made the whole experience greatly subpar to what I could have at home.
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Well, shortly after I posted that entry, I headed up to the "West Coast Geeks" party room, and found some things a bit more cheer-inducing.

West Coast Geeks with interesting drinks. )

Around 12:30, I assayed the long bicycle ride up from the Clarion Hotel to home, with my iPod to keep me company. It was cold, but I was bundled up well enough that it wasn't too much of a hardship. I got back about 1:00, and sat down to write this entry.

Now I'm going to take a bath and crash, and try to get back down to the 'con before everything closes, in time to scope the dealer room for any bargains (as if I can afford them!) and pick up the art I commissioned from Fredd Gorham of my City of Heroes characters. I'm hopeful of good results, as I provided him good material to work from, and he's pretty good at furry art. Just have to see what comes.
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Got a flat on my bike; had no luck with Universalis. Did talk to Brad and Toni though. )

I was so positive that anyone who played Universalis would enjoy it so much they'd want to buy it that I bought a bunch of copies of the game at a wholesale rate to sell to them. I thought surely at an entire convention, someone would be curious enough to play it. But no dice. No luck at all at any of the three sessions. It's damned depressing. I know I should look on the bright side—I saved $30 or so in con admission fees and didn't have to do anything in return except sit around for a half hour or so—but somehow that doesn't cheer me up.

Anybody want to buy a brand new copy of Universalis? $20, including shipping. You won't find it cheaper anywhere on the net—the place that sells it for $18 charges $3 shipping. Email me.
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Just got a message on my machine from the Robotech party room guy. After spending four hours driving down and back to to fetch his TV set…he left it on the bed, and it fell on the floor and broke. Ow. That sounds about like the sort of luck that is usually mine to have. So, no Robotech party room this time.

Oh well, at least I can lighten my backpack by removing the DVD sets I carried around all of yesterday.

Time to shave and hit the road.

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