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I've been catching up on a couple of shows I've been watching regularly but had foregone over the last few weeks because of my obsession with finishing BioShock and other sundry things. Here are my thoughts on Torchwood through Episode 4 ("Meat"). I'll post on Sarah Connor later.

Spoilers for endings of Torchwood episodes. )
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I recorded a half-hour segment with my thoughts on the Torchwood season, the Doctor Who Christmas episode, and the first episode of Sarah Jane Adventures for the new split-off RDF Underground Tardiscast podcast—the podcaster of RDF Underground has decided to split his Doctor Who content off from his Robotech content and make two separate podcasts. The episode should be out in the next day or so and you can hear my griping at length.

To sum up: Torchwood had a number of good episodes, a number of mediocre episodes, and a handful of stinkers (especially the finale, which didn't make any sense at all). On the whole it was a decent show, and hopefully the next season will improve from where this one left off. Runaway Bride was mediocre (a bit too silly for my taste), and the first Sarah Jane Adventure episode was a bit juvenile but showed promise.
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You know, I didn't understand what the folks on the Doctor Who newsgroups meant when they compared certain aspects of Torchwood to an old Gerry Anderson supermarionation show.

But now I do.

Spoilers for a certain aspect of Torchwood to follow )

Uncanny, isn't it?
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Just got done watching the third episode of Torchwood. I really like the way it's shaping up so far. The first couple of episodes were a little shaky (though still quite good), but this third one shows some signs that it's starting to find its legs. It's a nice spooky ghost story, just in time for Halloween. My in-depth review of the first two episodes, as well as the podcaster Justy's review, will presumably be heard in tomorrow's RDF Underground podcast. (That is, I sent it to him, and I've heard no signs that he doesn't plan to include it.) Maybe I'll review this one for next week's.

In other news, I finally got around to writing a letter to Universal Press Syndicate in which I mention a certain business near my house that is doing a no-no. As folks may or may not be aware, Bill Watterson has historically been very protective of Calvin & Hobbes, refusing any and all merchandising of his characters save for printed collections. Which means that every time you see Calvin on someone's T-shirt, or on the back window of a truck peeing on a competitor's logo, it's unauthorized and not only does Watterson not see one cent of it, it's expressly against his wishes as creator of the character.

Anyway, there's this salon not far from where I live, that I see every time I bicycle by there...and that decal on the front door, as you can see in the picture at right, of Calvin kneeling before a cross, offends my aesthetic sensibilities. Not only is it an unauthorized reproduction, and not only is it being used on the front door of a business, but it's also entirely out of character. So I finally got around to writing a letter to Calvin & Hobbes's syndicate about it, and it's sitting clipped to my mailbox in an envelope now. I could have emailed them about it, of course—and maybe in a week or so I'll do that anyway just to make sure they got the message—but I figured that a printed letter would be something harder for them to ignore. And, besides, it was an excuse to use my printer.

Maybe it's "tattling"—but then again, I'm deeply respectful of Watterson's creation, and he deserves not to have it used to promote somebody's hair salon. It will be interesting to see if the decal vanishes in coming weeks.

Interestingly enough, on the way back from doing some shopping today, I noticed a "Cartridge World" shop not far from me at all. Certainly a lot closer than that Walgreen's. Have to see what they charge and decide where I want to go to get my refills.

UPDATE: [ profile] dvandom was kind enough to point out the November 5th "Over the Hedge" comic strip, which deals with the same sort of issue.

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