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Hmm, the post that I'd intended to make noting that the interview was finished and ready for download and so on never made it. So I'll make this post it, I guess.

The interview was great. It went to three hours and forty-six minutes, and is now available for download in five conveniently-sized chunks.

Peter had some great anecdotes to share. One of my favorites was this story about his good friend Christopher Lee:
"The German company [dubbing The Last Unicorn] made the mistake of agreeing—when [Christopher Lee] said, 'Oh, we had such a good time doing it,' that he would be glad to do [King Haggard in German as well as English] if they would trust his German. He would do it for expenses, not a salary. <pause> They would have saved a lot of money if they'd given Christopher a salary, because watching him at work was a master class in what you can do with an expense account. To this day, I've never figured out how he managed a trip to what was then Yugoslavia, when you consider that he's just dubbing a movie in German."
I enjoyed every minute of the interview, and I hope you do as well.
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Just a brief note—may write more on the subject later:

If you've already pre-ordered the 25th-anniversary DVD edition of The Last Unicorn that's coming out on February 6th, cancel the pre-order and order it through Conlan Press instead.

That way Peter S. Beagle will actually see some of the money from its purchase. Also, if you pay $10 extra, he'll autograph it in three places for you.

Given the total mess with Granada using Hollywood accounting to refuse to pay Peter any of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he is owed for past sales of the film, please support Beagle now by buying through Conlan rather than Amazon or DeepDiscountDVD. He really needs the money.

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