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Greetings from the "Business Center" of the Westport Sheraton.

How yesterday and this morning went. )

After the interview, I went over to the Panera Bread (or is it still called St. Louis Bread Company up here in St. Louis? For some reason, I seem to remember it being SLBC still, but not sure) across the way and had a souffle for breakfast. Called my friend [ profile] tbutler, who's working at his company's office in St. Louis at the moment. Turns out he's only about 3 miles or so away from my present location, though since I'm on foot at the moment I'm doubtful I could do anything toward dropping by. But I stopped at a magazine store nearby and asked if they had any bus route maps, figuring that it might be possible to take a bus if one could be found going the right way. They didn't have any, but suggested I go over to the hotel and ask at the lobby.

When I got to the hotel, the clerk said that they didn't have any maps, but they could be found online, why don't I go down to the business center and look. So I did, and discovered that this particular business center isn't one of those where they charge you so much per minute, or even have their computers secured at all. So here I am, banging out a journal entry and waiting for my brother to come take me to lunch at the nearby Drunken Fish sushi place.

Ah, life is just better with Internet access.
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I was just browsing Google Maps, looking at St. Charles, Missouri, where I may end up living if my brother is able to get me a job at the place he is working (fingers crossed, fingers crossed).

And my attention wandered a little bit to the northeast of St. Charles, where there was this rather large kind of boomerang-shaped island in the Mississippi River. I wandered over to it, flipped over to satellite mode, and zoomed in, exploring it visually from above. And what I found is that, oddly enough, it seems to be largely empty land—forests and open fields—except that right in the middle of the island is a small cluster of buildings

If I go a bit southwest, to the southwest tip of the island, I notice some kind of causeway apparently linking the island to the east side of the river. Or is it a causeway after all, and not just foam and debris caught up against a wire or something? Though it looks like a causeway given that a road connects to it from the eastern shore and on the island itself. Maybe it's just a sandbar?

Anyway, the island doesn't have a name on the map, the roads aren't on the map either, and now I'm insatiably curious as to who, if anyone, lives there, and who owns the place. It's actually downright tempting to try to drive out there, if I end up moving to that area after all, just to try to solve the mystery. Of course, if it's private property then I'll just have to keep wondering.

Also wonder I, what on earth can this thing, dead center of the smaller island just east of it, be. A baseball diamond? Why would there be a baseball diamond on an otherwise completely empty island?
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This is me at a Panera in St. Louis, getting ready to conduct an interview with Harmony Gold representative Tommy Yune. (Click pic for larger version.) The interview took half an hour, and was pretty cool; I tried not to ask some of the same things I knew he'd been asked before in other interviews.

The interview can be heard in episode #58 of the RDF Underground podcast; or downloaded and played separately. Some interesting stuff came out about the future of the Robotech franchise, although of course there was a lot Tommy couldn't say. He shot the photo at right with his digital camera; there are some other photos, some also of me, at his photo gallery of the film festival event.

How was Shadow Chronicles? Pretty good. It wasn't perfect; it had just a few flaws, the largest of which was that there wasn't enough time in a 90-minute movie to focus adequately on all the new characters. I would like to have seen the same events covered by about eight 22-minute TV episodes, to provide more time for characterization. I'll post a more detailed review on my essay journal or as part of RDF Underground soon enough. But by and large, it was a great experience and a worthy successor to Robotech. If I had the opportunity to see it again I would do so immediately. February 6th cannot come soon enough.
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Tomorrow morning, I get up at 6 a.m., eat a meager breakfast, and then head up to the airport to rent a car. From there, I go to St. Louis, thence to see Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, something I've been looking forward to doing for quite some time; I've got plans to wear my Robotech T-shirt from GenCon and everything. I'll be meeting my friend Captain JTF of Roboblog III: The Odyssey, as well as my brothers Aaron and Alex. I'll be able to pick up the sword-canes I purchased at GenCon. Then afterward I'll turn around and drive back home. I got a pretty good deal on the rental car, too; $15 for the economy car, from Thrifty Rental via Travelocity, plus $10 for liability insurance (have to comply with state law) + $5 for an additional 250 miles, which I need to get me to Saint Louis and back. And I'm getting refunded the $5 from Travelocity afterward, because their site lists the mileage as unlimited instead of a 250 mile limit. And I have to pay for gas too—but even so, it'll still end up being cheaper than a round trip bus ticket, and more convenient too.

But that's not all. ) I love being able to accomplish not just one but three distinct goals with that one trip. Makes me feel like I'm really getting stuff done.

Edit: And even that may not be all. I've just discovered that the Schlafly microbrewery is also located in that area, and offers hourly tours on Saturday. So I may just stop in there before heading home. After all, I toured Anheuser-Busch last time I was in St. Louis...

So now I'm prepping for my trip. I've got Google Maps printouts out the wazoo to help me when I hit the St. Louis area. I've dug up the cigarette-lighter-to USB power adapter I got somewhere, for to run my iPod off of while in the car. Hopefully it will have a tape deck that I can buy a cheap cassette adapter to throw in. If not, I'll get by somehow. I am set. Depending on the weather tomorrow morning, I may try to bicycle the eight miles to the airport, lock my bike there, pick the car up, and drive it back down to my house to load my stuff into it before setting out for St. Louis. Then I will repeat the maneuver in reverse when I return tomorrow evening—drive the car home to unload my shopping purchases and stuff, then up to the airport to turn it in and retrieve my bike. If the weather is just too bad to pull it off, I may take a cab in both or one direction instead, but I'd rather save the money.

I just hope I'll be able to drive safely. It's been a few years since I was last behind the wheel for any length of time—though to be honest, that's part of why I'm looking forward to this trip. I love travelling...although I'm not a Catholic, I've always figured it was appropriate that St. Christopher is the patron saint of travel.

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