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Well, I just heard that for the week ending February 17th, Space Station Liberty was Talkshoe's

9th most-downloaded show
7th most-called-into show
5th most-streamed-live show

And for the week in progress, it was 5th most-downloaded show as of a couple hours ago. Woot!

Can't wait to see what tonight's Barbara Goodson interview show does for those numbers.
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Well, yesterday I went down to the local FLGS, MetaGames Unlimited, in the hope of demonstrating Universalis. Sadly there didn't seem to be anyone there interested in playing, but my brother sent a friend of his down to try it out and we played a nifty little two-player game right then and there. It was fun, and here's the post-session writeup.

Now I want more than ever to try to play this game online on a chatserver. I just need players. :/

I've gone ahead and done another half-hour-long prerecorded show for Space Station Liberty. This one fills in a couple of Robotech news items, and reviews a webcomic I discovered lately, [ profile] syke's Alien Dice. It also mentions the new shownotes blog I've set up for Space Station Liberty, as I was getting tired of mentioning links and then having nowhere to put them.

Incidentally, I'm interviewing novelist James Luceno on Monday night. In addition to co-writing the Robotech novels, Luceno has written or is writing a number of Star Wars tie-ins, including three books from the New Jedi Order series and an upcoming book about Darth Plageius that a lot of fans are curious about. Check it out and tell your friends!
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Tomorrow night, as I've mentioned elsewhere, I get to interview Chase Masterson, and I'm really looking forward to it. Funny thing—just about everyone I've mentioned Chase's name to has said she's one of the nicest people in show business. And as it happens, she's also an experienced podcast talkshow host. But I also need to be thinking about who I'm going to have on the show next week, or in a couple weeks, and I've been looking into that very matter today. And found out a couple of interesting things.

Did you know that the Screen Actors' Guild has a phone number you can call to get the contact information of stars' agents? I did that today, to try to get messages to a couple of the stars of the old Robotech TV show. I emailed a couple of others who have their own websites, too. Hopefully they'll all say yes.
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Woohoo! Friday, January 12th, at 10 p.m. Eastern, I will be interviewing Chase Masterson—Deep Space Nine Dabo girl Leeta, and Janice Em's voice from the upcoming Shadow Chronicles—live on Space Station Liberty. I'm really excited about that.

I've put together a press release about the whole thing, which you can find below the LJ cut. I've gone around sending it to all the major SF and Star Trek news sites I could find. Wonder if there's anywhere else I could send it…hm, maybe I should check for major Trek-related blogs.

For Immediate Release: Actress Chase Masterson will be interviewed live on talk show Space Station Liberty )

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