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I've written a couple of things lately, and felt like giving them a shameless plug or two.

I was recently invited to join the staff of the blog, and I just posted a fairly lengthy piece there, about why we never hear about print publishers taking action against peer-to-peer sharers the way we do the music and movie industry.

I have also submitted an review of [ profile] eyebeams/[ profile] mobunited's recently-published PDF RPG Codex: Story Gaming for Creative People. I think it's a pretty neat game; until approves my review, you can find it in the latest entry on my essay journal, which is also available as an XML syndication feed or as a LiveJournal syndication feed at [ profile] allivegottosay (though the feed generally lags somewhat behind the site itself).

I told you it was shameless.
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One more thing: I made a new post to my essay journal today, about an interesting development in digital cinema. Rather than being used just for big releases, it's now also being used for releases that are too small to merit spending the big money to get 35mm prints made.

Also, just in case folks weren't aware, my essay journal is available as a LJ syndication feed, suitable for adding to friends lists: [ profile] allivegottosay

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