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Not you lot, but these shoes.

Off with the old Rockports, on with the new Doc Martens, in preparation for my new job. 'cuz, after all, there's noe biz like shoe biz! Also, have some Sam Vimes. )

So now it's time to get rid of these old shoes. As you can see, I pretty much wore them to bits. This is the longest time I've ever owned a pair of shoes, I think, and after all this time it almost feels like I should be giving them some kind of funeral.

New job starting Thursday…and apartment-hunting travails. )

So, anyway, got me some butterflies.
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Well, yesterday was an eventful day.

My adventures from here to the northeast end of Indianapolis and back, and the obtaining of a job! )

Anyway, that's the story of my adventures yesterday. Looking forward with trepidation to this coming Monday. It's going to be a different, possibly difficult experience getting back into the harness…but this time it's finally going to be a job that makes full use of my talents. I can hardly wait.
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Map of my Indy tripWell, I promised an account of my adventures yesterday, in which my trip to see The Wind Rises in a theater turned out to be much longer and more adventurous than I had expected, so here it is.

Let's have an adventure! )

In the end, The Wind Rises was a movie that would have been worth bicycling the whole ten miles for. I heartily encourage anyone and everyone near a theater playing it to go and see it while you still can. And I have to say that, as much as I enjoyed Frozen, there's really just no comparison in terms of movie greatness. Here's hoping it takes the Oscar tonight!

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