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Anybody out there willing to take a swing at writing story bits in 1024 byte chunks? is a site where you write a 1024 byte (1 kilobyte) chunk of story and post it, then someone else can come along and write another K of story as a prequel or sequel to it, then someone else can write a prequel or sequel to that, or can write another prequel or sequel to the original to take the story in a different direction. Chains and branches can go on for quite a while.

The problem is, there are a number of older stories I'd like to continue, that have aged off the front page of the site so nobody goes looking for them, but it just doesn't feel right to write all the sequels myself. If I were going to do that, I'd just go somewhere like where length didn't matter.

So, would anybody like to take a whack at writing something only 1024 bytes long? :)
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On my podcast The Biblio File,I did an interview with Kevin Lawver of tonight. It was a great interview, with some really interesting stuff about where it all came from (and a bit of conversation on the FanLib debacle too). is a pretty neat idea. It's like the Internet fiction stuff writing circles that I used to be part of, but on a micro scale. You get to write only 1024 characters at a time, and then someone else (or you) can write another 1024 characters as a sequel or prequel. The story can branch endlessly. And it's all released under a Creative Commons attribution/sharealike license. You can log in with either an AIM account, or an OpenID (from LJ, or from a site like

I really wish more people would write sequels or prequels to my ficlets. I've thrown what I consider to be a lot of great ideas out there, things I'd love to see where other people go with, but not many people are biting. For instance, there's a wonderful little tale about a DVD player that literally plays anything. There's a story about a girl who wakes up after a wild party to find some additions to her physiology. There's a story about a woman with very unusual hair. There are places where I continued others' stories but they didn't go anywhere after that. There's…lots of stuff, really. And I'd love to see what some of the people on my friends lists can do with them.

There are also some great Flickr-inspired posts, such as this one about a cat, or what happens when you push a button you really should leave alone.

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