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Well, today I did the Storyteller's Bowl TalkShoe interview show with Diane Duane, Sharon Lee, and Steve Miller. It ended up going just over an hour, and it went very well for the most part. I stuttered and stammered a few times toward the end after I basically ran out of things to say, but there was a lot of good stuff there for fans of the Wizardry and Liaden series. I hope that I can have all three of them back for longer reviews on more general topics in the future.

Checking my stats, so far I see it had 4 participants and 11 streaming listeners, and has had 18 downloads as of the latest time tallied by TalkShoe's meters. (Well, actually, there have been 18 downloads of all episodes of my show since then. I'm going to assume they're all or mostly the latest show, however.)

I also did a two hour, fifteen minute Robotech show, where a bunch of Robotech fans got together and talked about the show. I cut it off at 2h 15m because I didn't want to intimidate people who don't want to download five-hour monsters, especially when there aren't any guests to attract the more casual fans. I'll be honest, it's basically a whole lot of arguing over minutia again: stuff people have heard about Shadow Chronicles and whether General Leonard really was "evil." There's only so much of that I can take at a time, and I'm one of the biggest Robotech fans I know.

Anyway, both shows can be found via my TalkShoe page.


Dec. 12th, 2006 02:31 pm
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I just got off VOIP with Diane Duane, all the way over in Ireland.

Assuming her Internet connection permits (it's satellite and can be interrupted by heavy weather), she's going to join me for the talk radio show I'm planning on hosting on Saturday afternoon, for discussion of the "Storyteller's Bowl" model of serial publication based on the article I wrote on the subject.


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