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Whilst ego-surfing, I came upon a couple of places that mentioned my commentary tracks. I was a bit surprised to find my Castle of Cagliostro commentary rated a glowing mention in Episode 40 of the Weekly Anime Review podcast, a review of the new Castle of Cagliostro DVD, though I suppose I shouldn't have been. It was kind of a freaky feeling to hear myself talked of in such glowing terms on the podcast of someone else, with which I didn't have anything to do. Wow. Anyway, go listen to the podcast, it's a good show and has stuff about me in it!

Also found an apologetically late link to the commentary in the Conversations on Ghibli blog. Nice to read that, and his other entries, to see that he's as upset as I am about their manglement of the DVD's opening titles.

(As an aside, now I'm most of the first page of Google search results whether I search on "cagliostro commentary" with quotation marks (i.e. as a specific phrase) or without (i.e. as two separate words found close together). Sweet!)

And I found a mention of my "Enter Marlene" commentary in this rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe thread about what franchises had worse continuities than Marvel's. I participated in the discussion, and subsequently gave one of the participants a headache with my recounting of just how snarled the various Transformers continuities are. Phear my continuitistical powerz. :)
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Well, I've just finished spending the day working on a commentary track for episode #70 of Robotech, "Enter Marlene". It took a lot longer and a lot more messing around than I thought it would, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Whew. Now I'm going to sit back and wait for feedback. Not like I'm gonna be, ya know, holding my breath or anything, given how much I got for my Castle of Cagliostro commentary.
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Well, it's the two year anniversary of the essay journal post I made about my Castle of Cagliostro commentary track.

In honor of that event, I have created .crow files for them, for use with the Windows alt-commentary+DVD playback app ShareCrow. These files will synchronize the commentary track perfectly, whether it's being watched with the old Manga Video R1 DVD, or the new not-so-Special-Edition.

Also, as a reminder, the most recent update to the track itself was on 8/24/06. If you've got a version older than that, better get the new one!

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As a follow-up to my last post, I'm amused to find that I'm now the top link if you type "Cagliostro commentary" into Google without quotation marks. I'm 7th if you put it in quotation marks—but all the results above it are references to my track.

Also, if anyone does want to purchase either one or both of the Manga Video R1 Cagliostro DVDs, now's the time to do it—RightStuf is running a sale on all Manga Video titles until August 27; use the coupon code supernatural to reduce the old Cagliostro to $11.99 and the new Spec-Ed to $14.99.

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