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Well, over the past weekend I was ensconced in the Biokinetic medical study facility. Played a lot of City of Heroes, when I could get their Internet connection to work. It was fine most of the time, but there were some periods where it cut out on me. (Though only the CoH connection seemed to be affected, not my terminal sessions.) I'm posting this from my laptop as I haven't had the time to set my desktop computer back up since the trip back from BioKinetic.

I arrived home this morning to find various spots of cat barf and cat poo on my floor, my blankets, and my pillows. It seems the neighbor I had entrusted with taking care of my cats fed them, due to a misunderstanding, not the food I had left on the table for them, but the food I had given to him to keep for his own cats due to my cats not liking it very much (or perhaps being allergic to it). Also, he apparently didn't empty the litterbox very often (at all? I'll have to talk to him about that before next weekend).

I went ahead and bought new pillows and a new sheet set (as my other sheet set was already in the laundry from when my cat barfed on it the first time I fed her such food) and I'll try to do the laundry tomorrow. I can't do it tonight, because I will shortly be heading out to the fair to see "Weird Al" Yankovic in concert.

For now, I'm going to go in my room and see what I can do about the cat mess on my bed.
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Any cat people here? (Looking at you, [ profile] lil_shepherd, [ profile] inamac :) I need some advice, and I need it bad.

Over in this discussion thread I have been talking about my plan to introduce two new cats into a currently cat-free apartment at the same time. One of them is that Bengal I mentioned, Benjamin, who the shelter operator has said gets along well with other cats. They're both very young adults—Benji's 1 1/2, and the vet estimates Diva's age at "about 2" from the condition of her teeth.

The thing is, I'm getting some conflicting advice. Some people advise the whole "segregate them into different rooms and introduce them by degrees" thing. But one of the posters, cshenk, points out that this advice is meant for introducing a new cat into a home that another cat or cats consider their territory, and that this separation in the event of two new cats can lead to both cats staking out their own mini-territories rather than getting integrated as a household. He cites (what he claims to be) considerable experience in the matter.

One of the other posters, who disagrees with him, advised me to "consider the sources" of the advice. The problem is, I don't know either of them from Adam so as far as I'm concerned their credibility is about the same. (Well, cshenk's credibility may be slightly higher—but if I'm honest with myself, I'm not sure whether that is because he writes convincingly with well-justified arguments or because I'd rather not have to mess with the whole segregation business.)

I really don't want to make the wrong decision here and ruin my cats' chances of getting along with each other. And this is something that can only be done once.

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