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So, I did my TalkShoe interview with Kevin McKeever tonight on Space Station Liberty. It went pretty well, though it ended up being probably the most controversial of the three Harmony Gold rep interviews I've done so far. Highlights included an exclusive first announcement of the limited theatrical release plan for Shadow Chronicles, a guest caller at about the 1 hour 40 minute mark who I can only assume to have been pranking due to the hilarious chaos into which his call degenerated, and a bit of frank discussion of some controversial issues concerning Harmony Gold's relationship with Robotech's fandom. I'm quite pleased with it, and can't wait to see who Harmony Gold turns up for my show next.

In other news, today is the release day for an animé I've been interested in seeing for a while: Catblue: Dynamite. Unlike most new-release animé, this one is actually being released complete in streamable format on-line, for free. However, the streaming portion of the website is restricted to access from within Japan only. I tried using Japanese proxy servers to get around this, but it didn't work. Wonder what I'm doing wrong.

Oh well, sooner or later someone will snag it and put it up on BitTorrent and it'll be a moot point.
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Someone on rec.arts.anime.misc pointed out an interesting-looking anime, called Catblue: Dynamite. The trailer can be viewed at the URL. It's entirely CGI with cel shading, and entirely in English. My curiosity piqued, I went looking for more information and found an interesting synopsis at, but hit pay dirt with this article.

The show is to be set in the 1970s, and director Higa Romanov is styling it in homage to Blaxploitation films such as the original Shaft. And he's also making it in English, for reasons that are never made entirely clear; perhaps it's just that the Japanese find English to be "kewl" like that. And something else you might note is that "Although the entire dialogue is English language, Romanov admits he can’t speak that much and the script was written in Japanese and then translated into English." And this results in something you can hear clearly from the trailer: bad voice-acting. When your cast is acting in a language you can't speak, you have no way of knowing whether they're acting well or not. This is a hallmark of English-language scenes in most anime, going all the way back to Project Ako or beyond.

On the other hand, the fight choreography is top-notch, and it's interesting (albeit a little unrealistic) to see a catgirl who wields a third gun or sword with her prehensile tail. Even more interesting is the fact that the 40-minute anime movie is going to be streamed for free on the Internet in December. I think I'll be watching that.

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