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This week is the start of the two-week "Anime Bento" film festival event. Two films this week, two films next week. This week, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and the Full Metal Alchemist movie. Next week, Hayao Miyazaki's Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro and some other movie I've never heard of.

Now, given my handle, you would expect me to tell you to go and see Shadow Chronicles, wouldn't you? And I'll certainly agree that if you're going to see it, you might as well see it on a big screen at least once; it's a decent enough effort for Harmony Gold's first original feature film, even if as a feature film it's more of an OAV in terms of quality.

But it's not fit to sweep the floor for next week's Castle of Cagliostro, which has always been and still remains one of my favorite anime films (for which I contributed an mp3 commentary track, by the way). How unfair it is that it's showing, for the first time in a decade or more and one night only, in Kansas City and Saint Louis, but not anywhere near Springfield. Even if I had a car, I couldn't make it up to and back from KC in a resonable length of time, what with work that and the next day.

If you're living anywhere in driving range of one of the theaters showing Castle of Cagliostro on the 26th, you owe it to yourself to get tickets in advance and go and see it. Big screen, high-definition…even if it's shown in dubbed format (as it probably will be) it's still worth the time and effort. Who knows when or if it will screen like that again?
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Whilst ego-surfing, I came upon a couple of places that mentioned my commentary tracks. I was a bit surprised to find my Castle of Cagliostro commentary rated a glowing mention in Episode 40 of the Weekly Anime Review podcast, a review of the new Castle of Cagliostro DVD, though I suppose I shouldn't have been. It was kind of a freaky feeling to hear myself talked of in such glowing terms on the podcast of someone else, with which I didn't have anything to do. Wow. Anyway, go listen to the podcast, it's a good show and has stuff about me in it!

Also found an apologetically late link to the commentary in the Conversations on Ghibli blog. Nice to read that, and his other entries, to see that he's as upset as I am about their manglement of the DVD's opening titles.

(As an aside, now I'm most of the first page of Google search results whether I search on "cagliostro commentary" with quotation marks (i.e. as a specific phrase) or without (i.e. as two separate words found close together). Sweet!)

And I found a mention of my "Enter Marlene" commentary in this rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe thread about what franchises had worse continuities than Marvel's. I participated in the discussion, and subsequently gave one of the participants a headache with my recounting of just how snarled the various Transformers continuities are. Phear my continuitistical powerz. :)
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Well, it's the two year anniversary of the essay journal post I made about my Castle of Cagliostro commentary track.

In honor of that event, I have created .crow files for them, for use with the Windows alt-commentary+DVD playback app ShareCrow. These files will synchronize the commentary track perfectly, whether it's being watched with the old Manga Video R1 DVD, or the new not-so-Special-Edition.

Also, as a reminder, the most recent update to the track itself was on 8/24/06. If you've got a version older than that, better get the new one!

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Someone got a response back from Manga Video about the opening titles of Castle of Cagliostro being messed up.
"Don't blame us; it was like that when the production company sent it to us." )
So it's apparently another one of those cases of the original anime creator not giving a damn how their product looks outside of Japan, since they didn't make it with those damn gaijin in mind to begin with. No, far more important than maintaining the integrity of the original work is making sure that all the names are on it right at the beginning!

And that being the case, getting them to "fix" it is unlikely in the extreme.


Some folks on rec.arts.anime.misc have made noises about wanting to master a new burnable version of the DVD for themselves, using the Japanese audio, video, and English language (Macek) dub from the Japanese version, adding the English language (Manga) dub and subtitles from the American version, and my commentary track too. (I must admit I'm flattered.) I doubt it will happen (though there's nothing really preventing it; they'd just need to use the proper DVD editing software and have copies of both discs), but it's a nice pipe dream.
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As a follow-up to my last post, I'm amused to find that I'm now the top link if you type "Cagliostro commentary" into Google without quotation marks. I'm 7th if you put it in quotation marks—but all the results above it are references to my track.

Also, if anyone does want to purchase either one or both of the Manga Video R1 Cagliostro DVDs, now's the time to do it—RightStuf is running a sale on all Manga Video titles until August 27; use the coupon code supernatural to reduce the old Cagliostro to $11.99 and the new Spec-Ed to $14.99.
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Well, I received my copy of the much-awaited Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro special-edition movie (or "Lupin the III" if you believe the cover) yesterday; looked it over and was more or less satisfied with it—it had a decent amount of extras and a very nice anamorphic transfer. And then someone asked a question about how the title card had been treated in the opening credits. I hadn't watched those yet, so I went back to the disc and loaded it up, prepared to watch the beautiful, dream-like opening credit sequence, one of my favorite parts of the movie, in anamorphic quality for the first time ever.

And then I watched in ever-growing horror as it became clear that I wasn't going to see that sequence after all. Manga Video replaced the animation, which was overlaid with the Japanese credits for director, producer, etc., with a series of clean stills from that sequence with English-language credits superimposed over them.

I'm left puzzled by why they felt the need to do this. Their old, non-anamorphic version keeps the original credits and just rolls English credits at the end. For that matter, the new DVD also rolls the English credits at the end. Why, then, mangle the movie like that?

Sigh. Anyway, I've updated my Cagliostro fan commentary track to take note of these new changes, and a couple other little things I discovered. For Windows computers, I advise using the ShareCrow player to watch it in sync with a DVD.

EDIT: If anyone does want to purchase either one or both of the Cagliostro DVDs, now's the time to do it—RightStuf is running a sale on all Manga Video titles until August 27; use the coupon code supernatural to reduce the old Cagliostro to $11.99 and the new Spec-Ed to $14.99.

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