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So, I imagine everybody is wondering how my first day at work went. And I'll tell you. But first, I'm going to drop back in time to Wednesday, when I went in to check out and immediately fell in love with my potential new apartment.

Apartment, hoooo! )

Fingers crossed everything goes all right with that apartment. It's everything I could possibly want!

Then I had my first day of work. )

Anyway, it's just about time for me to head out. I've decided I want to start my work days at 8:30, at least for now, since that cuts down the distance I have to bike for the bus each way. Maybe once I get moved into my apartment, or decide to work from home or somewhere closer like the library, that will change.

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I got home to find I have a new oven.

Seriously. I had asked the landlord to replace the old one; after two months of waiting to get it fixed, the fix ended up lasting about two days, so finally I said, "Enough, get me a new one." And so today when I came home, there it was.

The old one was a Hotpoint, it looked really nice and art-deco, whereas the new one is a more modern White Westinghouse. (Or perhaps I should say "off-White Westinghouse" since it's a sort of eggshell in color.) Hopefully the new one will actually work better than the old one. It looks new, pretty much. I can't wait to see how it works.

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