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Didn't get much sleep last night. Usually the way it works is I sleep half the night, get up, watch a TV show with a friend, then go back to bed and sleep the rest. But I didn't get back to sleep again after the first half of the night. Just lay in bed tossing for 2 1/2 hours before finally giving it up as a bad job. I suppose tonight I'll take some benedryl again to knock myself out for the whole of the night. Maybe I'll go on benedryl solid for the next couple weeks, until and unless training becomes less stressful.

I think that has to be the reason for the sleeping problems. (More so than usual anyway.) Due to a weird confluence of factors, which are probably more than I should go into in a public post, the training for this job is being harder than usual. Effectively, we're being given a lot of information that's effectively meaningless without benefit of context, because the contextual part we should have been trained on first isn't available. And it's going to be even more delightful than usual on a half night's sleep, I just know it. At least work has strong coffee, so there is that.

On the bright side, I got a letter yesterday from the IRS, telling me that I (or the tax-prep program I used) hadn't done my tax calculations right, and as a result they were eliminating 2/3 of the tax debt I thought I owed from last year. That's a pretty big load off my mind. It's too bad it didn't cancel out the training stress and let me sleep.

I'd really like to see a doctor, get a sleep study, and see if that fixes things. But I don't think it's going to work to see a doctor as long as I'm on a strict 8:30 to 5 training schedule. Attendance is especially important during training, so I don't have much leeway to miss days until it's over—even for medical reasons. Maybe I'll check with my supervisor about it at work today.

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