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More life changes, but of the good kind this time. This morning I got a call from Anthem offering me the position of Utilization Management Rep I. I start Monday the 22nd. It will earn me a little more per hour than the seven-month customer service temp job with Anthem did, plus it will come with full benefits, quarterly bonus incentive, 19 paid days off a year, 401K, health/dental/vision insurance, the whole deal. In the meanwhile, I get a week and change more vacation 'til I start training. Unpaid vacation, alas, which means I'm earning half a month's salary this month, but it's better than not earning any salary.

Of course, it's only about half of what I'd be earning on a tech writing job, but after spending months out of work and running up a zillion dollars in credit card debt, that bird in the hand is looking mighty fine to me—especially given that there are so many other nice things about this job. For one thing, it's about as short a travel distance away from home as any job in town could possibly be. Just a 20-minute ride on the number 8 bus, then a one-block walk, and that's it. If I got a job anywhere else in town, odds are pretty good I'd have to transfer and ride another half hour each way, if the bus even went there at all.

They ask that I work in the position for at least a year before applying for another internal position, though I heard from my prior manager that sometimes opportunities come along that bypass the waiting period. But even if they don't, a year in this position should put me in good stead for applying for tech writer jobs that come along. Or maybe even trying something else, like a trainer job. I suspect I'd be good at training people. My trainer for the temp job wasn't even a professional trainer herself; she was just a supervisor who got moved into the role. Maybe something like that could happen to me; I dunno.

It's kind of funny to consider that I now have a personal stake in what happens to Obamacare, given that Anthem is one of the big companies providing ACA insurance. (My second half of the temp job was taking ACA calls, in fact.) So I guess I'll be hoping even harder that nothing happens to it now.

So that's my good news, and boy am I ever relieved. I hope nothing goes wrong during the background check process. I can't think why it would, but you never know. I also hope my replacement Social Security card arrives by the 22nd, since they might want to see it.

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Date: 2017-05-13 12:03 am (UTC)
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Congratulations on the job!

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Date: 2017-05-13 11:58 pm (UTC)
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FWIW, I can't recall ever having to present my social security card for employment. I've had to provide the number often enough but not the actual card.

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