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Well, working on Getting Stuff Done today, in the hope of getting a new job soon.

Went downtown to the Social Security Administration office this morning to turn in a form and show my birth certificate and driver's license, on the quest to get a replacement card issued, which I'll need iffenwhen I get a new job. Annoying...the security guard noticed me go back out to my bike to put my multitool there, being that the sign forbade bringing any knives in, and they came out to the bike to look through my saddlebag and check on the knife. (They said it was okay, since the blade was less than 2 1/2 inches...but the sign at the metal detector said any knife. Bleah. Still left it in the saddlebag, even after they said it was all right. Better safe than sorry.)

Apparently because the bike was locked on the building's property, having forbidden objects is still forbidden on the property even if you don't bring them in. (Which makes it odd that, in times past when I've had a car and was found to have a pocketknife on me, I was told to leave it in the car. Is the parking lot not considered property of the building?) Ugh. If I hadn't had to go through that rigamarole to get my replacement card...

When I got to the SSA office on the 6th floor, I found the window had a very nice, very photogenic view of the park across the street, and its monuments, and the Indianapolis skyline to the west...and a sign taped up forbidding photography. Sigh. I was tempted to try to sneak a shot anyway, but deemed the risk too great. I had to wait half an hour to turn in the form, a process which took about five minutes. They gave me a receipt and said the card would be mailed to me within the next two weeks. Well, the sooner the better; I'll need it when it's time to take a new job.

Speaking of a new job, Anthem sent me an application/background check form yesterday that I need to fill out...and left voicemail reminding me about it this morning, so it must be urgent. The sticking point is that they require residence history for the last ten years, complete with month and year I moved to each new address. Ugh! I have a hard enough time remembering where I lived last week. So I've been going back through my livejournal and my digital photo roll trying to pinpoint the precise date at which I moved to each new address. At least once I know it, I can note it all down in Evernote so's I have it next time I'm asked about it.

Being productive is hard.
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