Apr. 9th, 2017

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This seems like a good time to remind people that I use Dreamwidth as my main LiveJournal-style blog now. I’m “robotech_master” over there as here. If you’re going to migrate to Dreamwidth because of the furor over the new user agreement, please feel free to friend me there.

I actually moved over there some time ago, and have been automatically echoing any posts I make over to LiveJournal. I’ll probably keep doing that for the foreseeable future, until and unless I do something that ticks LiveJournal off enough to close my account. (I’m glad I never bothered to pay for a permanent one.) The only thing that really annoys me is that there’s as yet no way to echo my Twitter posts into a daily posting over there the way there is for LJ. (If anyone knows of an alternative solution, please let me know.)

Of course, I don't actually do much LiveJournal style blogging anymore. Maybe I should get back into the habit. It just doesn't seem like there's time to chronicle all the little things that go on in my life, apart from the things I might mention on Twitter. Which is another reason I'd like to be able to keep echoing those posts over to here.

I suppose this could be taken as just another reminder that even things we consider to be Internet institutions don't stay good forever. Hopefully Dreamwidth is getting a significant user (and revenue) boost out of all this.
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I have presences on Twitter, Facebook, Dreamwidth/LJ, a personal blog, and TeleRead. (As well as a few others, like Instagram and Pinterest, that I don't use as much.) Sometimes it feels like I really could stand to be integrating some of them better.

For example, I have my Twitter posts echoed to Facebook. But that means every time I use a service that posts to both Twitter and Facebook (Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc), I then have to go to the Facebook page as soon as I post it and quickly delete the Twitter duplicate. Is there any way to get around that?

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Apr. 9th, 2017 12:00 pm
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